New website address

We are working on building our new website. For those of you who have not visited it, please understand it is still in process of being built. New photos and designs are to be added. You can visit us at


The video has won!

Being technically challenged at my age is no fun. After multiple downloads and effort I still was not able to compress my final project to an acceptable size to load on vimeo. Although, it is not done yet, I am not giving up. The final project seemed a success and was really a lot of fun to do. Wearing so many hats, and doing so many jobs was probably the lesson I learned in all of this. The camera images were awesome and finally learning some camera techniques thanks to Mr. Montgomery made me enjoy this project. Will have to see how it all turns out tomorrow.

New Christmas Gift Set.

Been a while since we posted a new design. So here is a new funky Christmas Gift Set. I just love this paper with the pointy santas. The boxed gift set comes with a half moon santa magnet that attaches to the front of the box. The sheer ribbon is laced with glitter and adds a sparkle to the design. This is great for those young at heart. Here is a picture of the gift set.

Ready, Set , Action!

Have you ever stopped to think about what goes into make a commercial. For just a couple of minutes of output, you have so much time and effort put into the project. I am working on a brief video infomercial to post on our website, Show Offs. My intent is to introduce our photo gift tin product and show how we can turn your photos into a memorable keepsake. I have spent the last two weeks  writing script, filming interviews and trying to put all these ideas into one coherent message. It is not so easy to do! If you get the actor reading it correctly, the lighting right, camera angles right, and hit ” shoot” , then all of a sudden the doorbell rings, or the dog barks. I can’t tell you have many retakes were necessary. I have a great respect having learned what I have in this multimedia course for those brave folks that take on this monumental task as a career. Don’t get me wrong, I am getting hooked on directing and the video  editing parts of the project. It opens a whole new world to creativity.

Back to the drawing board!!

Here is a new design and product we have created for Show Offs. It is a magnetic photo pocket that attaches to any metal surface such as your refrigerator, school locker, etc. It has photo frames to add your pictures and also pockets to keep cards, important papers and a calendar. Keeping this in site helps you remember your daily responsibilities.


ShowOffs video in progress!

I am working on a short video for our website that tells about our product and provides some level of instruction. I have been woking on it for about a week now and I still have much to do. My efforts have been particularly focused on getting good quality images and color balance. This was a weakness of my midterm so I am trying to capture the video using the best quality. The technical skills can be a challenge. Lighting was an issue and my instructor suggested getting two of the clamp lamps at office depot. So I bought them and strategically placed them in the shoot, with much improvement noted on the presentation.

The decorations are up!

As part of our Thanksgiving tradition, we look forward to begin our holiday decorating. We usually put up two Christmas trees. This year my favorite tree is the funky decorated tree in our den garnished with glitter presents, sparklees, glitter trees and all sorts of interesting bulbs. The top is adorned with a spray of  colored bulbs on a stick. It sounds weird, but turned out kinda cute. I had to put up a little fence around it because my dog, Magnolia, kept going under the tree to sleep. Here is a picture of the decorated tree.


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